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AOL Mail

How to Access AOL Mail Account?

AOL Mail - Just visit or and do AOL Login, Create an AOL Account, AOL Password Reset etc. Enjoy AOL Email Services Here.

AOL Mail

Electronic Mail or simply Email is one of the most extensively used invention in today’s world. With lightning fast delivery and round the clock, safe and dependable connectivity; it has completely revolutionized the way humans communicate over distance. In fact, it has become an integral part of our everyday existence impacting both our personal and professional space. AOL Mail is one of the best mailing service available for users. It is a web based service provided by AOL.

AOL Mail
AOL Mail

What is AOL Mail?

AOL Mail is a well protected, user centric email service available in 54 languages. It is an extremely versatile service that allows you to access services from anywhere in the world and at anytime. In other words, it gives access through any connected device like desktops, laptops, mobile devices etc. It’s simple, efficient and user friendly set up and management makes it one of the most favorable choice.

AOL Mail extends airtight spam filter, sufficient storage space, user-friendly interface, mobile access and customization service for it’s users. It keeps your mails highly organized without compromising it’s basic functions like send, receive etc. In other words, your mails are handled efficiently.  Your messages are contextually grouped with replies to give you access to the entire conversation at a single place.

Additionally, you get the options to schedule emails and set reminders when you don’t receive a reply for an email.

AOL Mail ensures all rounded security cover against spams and viruses along with unmatched ease of operations. In fact, they are globally acknowledged for their full proof security measures like encrypting all mails. Indeed, it is the best option for those concerned about the safety and privacy of their mails.

Besides, it allows voice and video chats along with the regular text chats. Moreover, you can easily recover lost or old messages.

Indeed, AOL Mail is the ultimate, sophisticated and smooth mailing experience in this complicated, stressful world.

Key Features of AOL Email

AOL Mail is the best in class mailing solution with highly innovative and gratifying features. With an extensive list of features, some of them are worth mentioning:-

  1. AOL Mail is a solid, world class mailing service for unmatched connectivity and security.
  2. It gives unlimited storage capacity to it’s users.
  3.  It has an email attachment limit of 25MB which is quite good.
  4. It’s mailbox size is highly competitive. Consider this: 1000 new messages, 4000 old messages and 4000 sent messages per screen name. Additionally, collective message attachment size could be 250GB at the maximum if all have 25 MB attachments.
  5. It provides full proof protection against spams and viruses.
  6. It’s compatibility with protocols like POP3, SMTP and IMAP deems it highly versatile. 
  7. A well versed and effective Spelling Checker ensures your mails are free from spelling mistakes.
  8.  Automated Email Sorting simplifies filtering of mails.
  9. Email Unsend Feature is designed to give you complete control of all the messages sent out from your account.
  10. It offers liberty to link your account with accounts from other service providers like Gmail, Hotmail etc.
  11. You can view ads while simultaneously working with the email account. 
  12. SSL/ HTTPS support is available after account login.
  13. Features like AIM (AOL Instant Messaging) allows for instant messaging to keep you always connected with friends and family.
  14. Events and Calendar keeps you highly organized and enhances your productivity.
  15. Moreover, To Do Feature ensures you stay focused and follow your planned actions.
  16. Above all, you get a 90 day grace before account expiry due to inactivity with your account.

This gives you a glimpse of the exhaustive list of features of this amazingly versatile and useful AOL Mail. 

How to Create AOL Mail Account?

AOL Mail aims at enhancing mailing experience for users without adding any complexity or frustrating time consuming actions. This user centric attitude also extends to email account creation. In fact, the process is unusually simple and fit for any non technical user.  You can follow the below mentioned set of instructions to further simplify the process.

  1. Open Browser: The very first step involves opening your preferred internet browser. For this, look for the browser icon on your desktop or taskbar i.e. at the very bottom of your screen. Click on the icon to open it.
  2. Access AOL Homepage: Thereafter, you are required to go to the AOL Homepage. Hence, type in in the address bar of your browser. Thereafter, press the Enter key of your keyboard to proceed with AOL Mail creation. 
  3. Open Profile: Once on the webpage, look at the top right hand side of the window for the Profile icon. Click on it to open another window. 
  4. Click Create: Here, you are prompted to Sign In. But you should look beneath the Sign In option. You have a button that says Create Account. Click on it to go to the AOL Mail creation page.
  5. Provide Details: On this window, you are prompted to provide some basic information necessary for AOL Mail account creation. Hence, you must make it a point to enter the details appropriately.
  6. Enter Name: The very first information that is required is your name. You should enter your first and last name separately in the corresponding fields. Additionally, you should keep in mind that the provided name will appear as the Sender Name on your sent emails. Therefore, if you wish to display a different name, you are free to provide that.
  7. Create a Username: After your name, you should provide a username for this account. This is the name used to login to your account. Apparently, this will become your email address. You must strive to set a unique username that increases chance of it’s availability. 

This is because AOL Mail will allow you to set username which is not taken by any of it’s users. This can be a bit frustrating as you may be required to try multiple names for availability.  However, you need to be patient while doing the same.

In order to simplify the process, AOL Mail provides five suggestions based on your name. You can select any one of the suggested name. Alternatively, you can set any other name.

Aol Mail Login
Aol Mail Login
  1.  Set a Password: Now, you must create a password that will protect your AOL Mail account. Henceforth, you must ensure to set a strong and unique password. It should include alphabets, numericals and special characters. You will notice a meter besides the password field that will simultaneously show the strength of the provided password.
  2. Re-enter the Password: The next field requires you to confirm the provided password. Hence, re-enter the same password provided in the previous field.
  3. Enter Your Date of Birth: Next, you have the drop down menu to set your date of birth. Hence, you should do the needful. You must understand that you should be older than 13 years to create the AOL Mail account. 
  4. Select Your Gender: Thereafter, you are prompted to provide your gender. Hence, enter it correctly. Although it is optional to fill in this field. However, AOL Mail needs this to tailor news stories that appears on your Homepage.
  5. Enter Your Zip (Postal) Code: You should provide your postal code correctly to give AOL Mail an idea about your general location. This is required for providing weather and local stories on the Homepage.
  6. Select a Security Question: This drop down menu provides a list of questions to be used in case of password reset or login from unknown location. Hence, click the menu and select a specific option that is easy to remember.
  7. Type in Your Answer: Following field requires you to provide the corresponding answer to the question set above. Hence, do the needful. 
  8. Enter Your Mobile Number: Your mobile number is required to help you in verifying your identity in case of login issues. However, it is optional.
  9. Provide Alternate email address: Additionally, you have the option to provide any alternate email id to aid you while resetting password. It could be either another mail from AOL Mail itself or from any other provider. This mail will receive instructions for resetting password. 
  10. Sign Up: Finally, you are prepared to create your AOL Mail account. After attentively filling in all the desired details, you should click on the Sign Up tab. This will create your email account and you will be automatically signed in to your AOL Mail account. 
  11. Verify Email Address:  This completes your email account creation. However, if you had provided an alternate email address, you must verify it. For this, go to the email provider webpage and login to your account. Thereafter, open the email received from AOL Mail and click on the verification link. This concludes the account creation for AOL Mail. Now, you can login to your AOL account.

How AOL Email Works?

AOL Mail is designed with the view to give you an unmatched, world class mailing experience with utmost simplicity and ease of usage. It’s interface is efficiently organized and amazingly intuitive.

Reading and Operating Your Emails

The main part of the window is occupied with scrolling news headlines after you login to your AOL mail account. You can access your mailing service from the top right hand side of this window.

Here, you will get a list various icons and folders for multiple operations. The first among this list is your Inbox that stores all your received mails. Click on it to view your Inbox containing a list of emails starting with the latest one. In this way you can check and read all your emails.

Aol Mail Sign in
Aol Mail Sign in

Managing your emails from your Inbox is equally convenient and systematic. Once you open any mail from the Inbox, you get all the basic actions listed at the top of the window.

  • Reply: It gives you an easy option to respond back to the sender or all the recipients.
  • Forward: You can forward the mail to another recipient. 
  • Action: This advanced organizational option uses drop-down menu to mark the mail as new, flagged, print it or move it to other folders etc.
  • Delete: It moves the message to the Trash folder.
  • Spam: You should use it move the mail to your Spam folder. It will also help AOL Mail to identify future Spams.

For sending mails, AOL Mail gives you options to either “Reply” or “Compose” new mail from the same windows. Besides that, it supports a vivid and rich palette of text formatting. You can customize fonts, text, background color, text alignment and more. You can easily locate these tools right above the large text box.

Additionally, the Attach File button allows you to quickly attach an image or any other file. Moreover, you have the Spelling button to check and correct the mistakes. For this, simply click the misspelled words to veiw the suggested corrections.

Furthermore, you have Contacts and Calendar to keep you organized. Both are located below the Trash folder. 

Contacts lets you save contact details. For this, you should click on the Contacts icon to open another window to add contact details. Then, fill in the contact information including name and email address. Additionally, you can categorize all your contacts into different groups. 

Calendar showcases the integrated calendar application. You can click on the icon to open the application. Then press New Event to add an event, appointment or meeting. You will be prompted to name the event, set the date and time, schedule repetitions (daily, weekly etc.) and set up a reminder alert. Above all, you can add an event description and location that automatically links to online maps. 

This gives you a brief overview of the basic operations of AOL Mail. Besides these standard operations, you get a lot of innovative and useful features.